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Welcome New Young Avengers!

This campaign started from Breakout and then moved forward into the Civil War Event period. We are using the Advanced Troupe Play rules. This means that each player has a main character, but will also play other characters from time to time.

Current Roster:

Player Main Character Currently Playing Has Also Played
Sam Poole NONE NONE Daredevil, The Sentry, Captain America
Jordan Bakker Doctor Strange Mister Fantastic Iron Man
Josh Sekersky Spider-Man Thing
Blayk Sekersky Deadpool Human Torch Iron Fist, Captain America
Matt French Wolverine Invisible Woman

House Rules:


For characters with the Invulnerability SFX, D(X) Durability grants immunity to physical stress from D(X-2) or lower physical attack actions.

ie. Colossus has D12 Durability, so he is immune to physical stress from D8 or lower physical attack actions.

Home Page

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